The release of a White Rock Dove from a decorative basket over the casket represents the spirit of the deceased ascending to heaven.

Three White Rock Doves are then released from a decorative cage. The three White Rock Doves represent the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit (the Trinity), and they will meet, the one dove in the air and all will fly home together. This symbolizes God in heaven ushering the deceased into heaven.

After the release, while all eyes are lured toward heaven, the White Rock Doves circle once as to say good-bye and journey home.

This expressive ceremony provides the bereaved with a beautiful visual representation of their loved ones spiritually ascending to heaven.


Releasing doves uplifts the eyes, signifies beginnings and endings,
joys and sorrows, true celebrations in flight.

At the Nansemond Suffolk Cemetery,
a breeze ruffled the pines and white doves soared
to the sky over the burial site.

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