Wedding Release

Heavenly Doves offers a vide variety of packages for all types of Weddings.


Basic Packages

Package #1

Bride and Groom each release a white dove after the ceremony to symbolize their love for one another.

Package #2

Flock of 12 to 50 white doves released by our staff at a prearranged moment of your choosing.

Special Packages

The Special Packages can be separate or combined

Decorative Love Hearts
Decorative Baskets

Various number of White Doves pleased from Love Hearts, Decorative Cages set on pedestals or lovely decorated baskets, etc.

You may choose to have pairs of doves displayed in decorative cages set on elegant pedestals for display in a church or a garden.


Deluxe Package

This package includes our custom Wedding Arch with a flock release from above the arch. It also includes two decorative cages set on elegant pedestals for display at the entrance to the arch or a garden entrance.


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